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$100 Gift Certificate.$50 Gift Certificate$25 Gift Certificate






Liam Maguire "Songs for Ireland" CD Liam Maguire with Brendan Sheridan "School Days Over!" Liam Maguire's "Irish Favourites"
Liam Maguire "Songs for Ireland" CDLiam Maguire with Brendan Sheridan "School Days Over!"Liam Maguire's "Irish Favourites"
Enjoy the "Songs For Ireland" for $15. Buy all 4 CD's for only $40! Songs: 1. Song for Ireland 2. City of Chicago 3. Streets of London 4. The Reel in the Flickering Light 5. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye 6. There Were Roses 7. Only Our Rivers Run Free...Enjoy the "School Days Over" for $10. Buy all 4 CD's for only $40! Songs: 1. Daisy a Day 2. Today 3. Circles 4. Liverpool Lou 5. Easy And Slow 6. Rovers 7. From Clare to Here 8. When You Were Sweet Sixteen 9. The Fox 10. The Old Bog Road 11....Enjoy the "Irish Favourites" for $10. Buy all 4 CD's for only $40! Songs: 1. Does The Sunshine Still Remember 2. Paddy Doyle The Poacher 3. Tinker's Poteen 4. The Gyspsy 5. Four Green Fields 6. My Lovely Leitrim Queen 7. Mountains of Mourne 8....




Liam Maguire's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Liam Maguire's Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt Romper
Liam Maguire's Long Sleeve T-ShirtLiam Maguire's Men's Short Sleeve T-ShirtRomper

Long sleeve acid washed t-shirt, wears well.

Comfy, 100% cotton men's green t-shirt with the famous Maguire's logo on front. Everyone should have one!

Every kid should learn to crawl in a Liam's romper! 




Bib Kid's Hoodie Kid's T-shirt
BibKid's HoodieKid's T-shirt

Keep baby's clothes clean at mealtime with a soft Liam's bib. 

Kids will stay warm this winter with this kelly green Liam's hoodie.


Just a smaller version of our classic Liam's t-shirt.